Welcome to the E-classroom and PETS Foundation refresher and enrichment course, “It begins at birth”.

We all need to refresh our teaching skills and professional understanding from time to time to avoid becoming stale and bored, or worse, boring.

This course is about supporting young children’s early literacy and mathematical development in multilingual and multicultural settings.

Literacy is the bedrock on which future success at school and in later life rests.

Without a firm foundation in the literacy skills of thinking, speaking, listening, reading, writing and basic mathematical concepts it is impossible to function effectively in our contemporary world dominated by technology and social media.

It is crucial, therefore, that children are prepared from a very young age with the necessary skills that will enable them to cope with the demands that will be made on them throughout school and later in life.

This course sets out to enrich the skills and understanding of teachers and carers involved with the early development of very young children.

Created  with South African teachers for South African teachers.

Course Content

Lessons Status

Introduction & Course Overview


Module 1: The oral tradition


Module 2:  Families and literacy


Module 3: The learning continuum and emergent literacy.


Module 4: Literacy and bilingualism, multilingualism and multi-literacies